30/30 Bible Reading With Michelle Wilson

What is 30/30?

30/30 is a fresh and new and exciting way to get people to read their bibles on a daily basis. According to Christianity Today and Huffington Post, 80% of Christians don’t read their Bibles daily. Michelle Wilson, host of 30/30, who was apart of this number felt God told her to do something to help people to start loving to read their Bibles daily. She felt led to just start reading the Bible every day for 30 minutes for the next 30 days with others on Facebook and the results have been astounding!

More About 30/30

Here are some variable components of the 30/30 Bible Reading show!

Comprises Firstly reading the Bible consecutively

 Giving prophetic words as God leads

 Encouraging uplifting words

 Powerful time of prayer and praying for each other

Also gives healthy living tips like drinking water daily and eating healthy snacks and exercising 


In Addition…


-Those apart of the five-fold (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers) and well-known Bible teachers who have the gift of revelation to talk more in-depth on biblical matters and concerning things we read in the Bible like the end times and the church concerning racism and the church and the LGBT community, etc will join us for more in-depth teaching!
-It’s a time to form great community with people who are starving for more of God and His word within a loving welcoming environment 
-People from all the world has joined 30/30 from Africa to London to Bermuda to India to Pakistan to all over the USA!
-In just 30 days we have the upwards of close 2,000 people joining us. 

See What Others Are Saying

Sterling (A Millennial) says:
Top 10 takeaways from 30/30 
1. Divine revelation 2. Deeper understanding of texts that I have already read 3. Prophecy through reading the Word of God4. Encouragement 5. Renewal of my soul via. Being filled with the Word of God 6. Stretching my thinking 7. Increasing of my faith 8. Breakthroughs 9. Consistency by reading God’s Word every day 10. Promotion in the ranks of heaven!

Audrey says:
1. Better understanding of the chapters. More wisdom
2. How to handle my challenges.
3. Encouragement. 
4. Self-confidence.
5. Reading my bible daily.

Dana says:
The 30/30 has given me:
1. Revelation knowledge.
2. Courage and strength in spiritual warfare.
3. Foundation of the scriptures that help me stay in the context of the word.
4. Intensity increased in my prayer times.
5. Favor all through the entire month.

Gina says:
Encouragement,  the Truth,  scripture corrects, focus on God. I feel uplifted especially  when going through  trials

Kandi says:
Encouragement, inspiration, knowledge, revelation, challenged. You’re a very anointed teacher. God said that His Word would not return void and as you lift Him up, all men are drawn to Him. So you are making a difference!